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Why 10,000?


Why 10,000?


10,000 is the approximate number of days in a Saturn cycle.  

Each Saturn return cycle lasts approximately 27-29 years, and represents Archetypes of Maturity, Mortality, and the Seasons of Life in our charts.  There is also reference to plentitude, abundance and fertility.  

Considering what we want our world to be fertile with love, we chose this number.  It sounds pretty awesome too - doesn’t it?!


It’s a Movement


We are beginning this project now.  

It is a magnificent task.  

And one more thing!

Our plan is to accomplish this inside a gift economy -
We will not be charging any amount of money for any part of this project.  

It is our deepest hope that you and others with whom you share this project will each be inspired to contribute to this idea, to this movement, and to this hope for a more wonderful world.