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Nonviolent Communication

Teaching Non Violent Communication


Teaching Nonviolent Communication
x 10,000


"The struggle ends when gratitude begins." 
- Neale Donald Walsh -

Earlier in our lives, we were lucky enough to discover the work of Marshall Rosenberg.  For about 10 years now, we have been sharing what we have learned about Nonviolent Communication.  

It seems that while we were on slightly different paths in our search for health and happiness, both over the course of our lives having different mentors and inspirers, that our instant* mutual interest in Nonviolent Communication brought all of our work together.  

We were able to understand and incorporate the work of NVC in a way that seemed to fulfill all that we were seeking to be.  The more we immerse ourselves in the work, the more we see how understanding and practicing what Marshall has developed enables us to gift people with the tools to develop their potential and live the most satisfying lives.  

NVC, though simple in content, reaches far in its’ value and impact. We are committed to sharing NVC with 10,000 more people over the course of these next 29 years  - so long as we are blessed to be here on earth for those many years.  Our intention is to contribute to people in helping make their lives even more wonderful!

Photo of Kai Mazepa

Photo of Kai Mazepa